12.12 TMT Ultimate Sales: iPhones XR & XS

TMT 12.12 Sale
Apple iPhones XS & XR


The 12.12 TMT Ultimate Sales for iPhones XR & XS — The wait is finally over! If you’re upgrading from your iPhones 6 or 7, now is the time to cash out all the money that you have saved and get your hands on the new iPhone XR & iPhone XS during this year-end holiday period. Let us break it down to you why this generation’s iPhones are Apple best and most exciting innovation up to date!

The Key Features

The iPhone XR

  • Brand new A12 Bionic chipset that widely improves photographic aspects.
  • Beautiful LCD display with a 6.1-inch and notch.
  • Same fast Face ID as the iPhone XS.
  • Available in many colours.
  • 12-megapixel camera with impressive portrait mode.
  • Never-dying battery life
  • Build-in IP67 waterproof (your iPhone can swim along with you now)


The iPhone XS

  • In-Depth dual-camera system.
  • Vibrant OLED Display capable of higher range of colours and pixel counts..
  • Upgraded True-Depth front-facing camera.
  • Lightning-speed face ID biometrics.
  • Big 5.8 or bigger 6.5-inch display (iPhone XS Max).
  • Optional Gold colour!
  • Build-in IP68 waterproof (more underwater shot!)
  • Full-edged Screen
XR Yellow
XR Yellow
XS Gold
XS Gold
XR White
XR White

A Vibrant Tomorrow

First of all, the iPhone XR – It comes in six different bright colors, the variants include a Project RED version and a canary yellow body. Both iPhones has similar internal hardware. The iPhones XR also has its pricier variants as it comes with a bezel-less smooth display. From a price standpoint, it was rather designed to take over last year’s Apple flagship iPhone 8.

As mentioned, the trade-offs are the build quality and the material used in each of the components. Above all, the XR has a LCD display instead of an OLED — and the noteworthy camera which built with an integrated single-lens system instead of the iPhone XS’s dual-lens system that was carried over from last year’s model. In contrast, wireless charging also works with XR! Furthermore, iOS 12 supports Memoji, Screen Time, Siri Shortcuts and Group FaceTime. How cool is that! 

Certainly, the crowds’ reaction on last year’s iPhone X announcement was surprisingly underwhelming. Due to that, Apple game-up and brought its ultimate creation to light during the annual conference this year. The iPhone XS likewise is all about balancing the polish and new innovation. Hence, the XS utilizes indistinguishable mindfully-polished iOS 12 from the iPhone X and their physical frame are fundamentally indistinguishable. Other than that, an all the more ground-breaking chipset (A12 Bionic) and genuinely necessary camera upgrades to keep on par with its competitors make the XS a strong advance forward. Even more, the XS comes with limited gold variant!

Bag an iPhone today

If you’re itching for a new iPhone and able to justify the weighty cost — the XS is definitely the safer choice. Otherwise, pick the iPhone XR up for an overall good performance.

Fancy enough for you to bag one of these bad boy home? You can enjoy our 12.12 Sale right here at https://tmt.my/product-category/e-mt-mob/. Stay tune for even more awesome deals awaits you!


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