Top Reasons Why This Wireless Earbuds Will Rock Your Ears!

The Indy’s overall design definitely takes cues from the latest AirPods, but the buds themselves look a bit more like normal earbuds and less like Apple’s take on the accessory. Of course, Skullcandy wasn’t shy about adding the stick-like section that extends out from the bottom of each one. The company also installed a removable fin-like “stability gel” to help everything stay in place. The Indy is also IP55 rated for sweat, water and dirt resistance, so you should have no problem taking these to the gym or on a run.

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See! No more flapping wires while you’re running!

Skullcandy says you can expect up to four hours of battery life on the buds alone, with the included charging case packing enough power for three additional charges (16 hours total). Weww! You can now go for a jungle trip without worrying about your battery life at full charged.

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Situation like this wouldn’t be a problem too! The earbuds are guaranteed to hold at place in your ears and do not forget – they’re IP55 water resistance!

Like the case that comes with the AirPods, Skullycandy opted for a flip-top design, complete with charging indicators on the outside. There are also touch controls for taking calls, changing tracks and adjusting volume by touching the rear of the buds! Trust us, it looks pretty cool while doing it! Speaking of calls, there’s a built-in microphone that will help you with those.

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Skullcandy offers some solid headphone options if you’re on a tight budget, and the Indy is yet another product that could satisfy you with your wallet. The RM328 true wireless earbuds are available today at! If you aren’t fond of the Indy’s design, Skullcandy also has the more common looking Push true wireless earbuds. And right now, they’re selling like hot cakes! Visit Skullcandy for more!