TMT x Uni Enrol Bursary

Education is the part where our young children are being shaped to become the leaders of tomorrow. In the midst of COVID-19, Thunder Match Technology (TMT) is still doing its best to make an effort to contribute back to the society. In order to contribute back to the society, TMT has partnered with Uni Enrol to provide bursary to young leaders of tomorrow, in order to make sure our young leaders of tomorrow are able to receive good quality education.

Who is TMT?

Thunder Match Technology (TMT) is a prominent technology enabler with a vision to drive the nation towards smarter living. As Malaysia’s largest I.T gadget retail chain, TMT is committed to bringing quality, cutting edge products and services that will fulfil the expectations of our customers. In a world where digital transformation is ever-growing, TMT brings you technology made for tomorrow.

Who is Uni Enrol?

Uni Enrol is a local technology start up with the vision of empowering students in making the best higher education choice easily, through unbiased and transparent online education advisory and scholarship matching platform.

The partnership between TMT and Uni Enrol started since 2019 and our partnership is a success and still going strong. To date, we have managed to provide bursary voucher worth RM 70,000 in total for up to 80 students and the number of students are still counting. The partnership with Uni Enrol provided TMT the chance to contribute to the society by helping those students who are in need to gain access to basic learning tools like laptop and smartphone. Laptop and smartphone are the essential tools for learning these days, especially with COVID-19 situation. Students are still able to continue their classes through online classes and those classes are done through smartphone or laptop.

Join us today to the journey of Talent Made for Tomorrow and enjoy essential learning tools at an affordable price. If you are a student and looking for professional advice on higher education, remember to visit our education partner, Uni Enrol to get yourself a professional opinion.

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