At TMT, we not only provide you the best deals in town, we also provide you the protection to your device. TMT Protect is designed to ensure your device is protected with extended warranty and even when your warranty does not cover. TMT Protect consist of TMT Care that brings you extended warranty and TMT Insure that gets you covered even when your device warranty does not.

TMT Insure – Get Covered Even Your Device Warranty Doesn’t

Most laptops and smartphone comes with a standard warranty that only covers manufacturer defects. With new laptops and smartphones that could cost you RM10,000, your electronic devices have become an investment and it would be reasonable for you to consider additional protection.

There is a good chance where you have accidentally dropped your laptop or smartphone and damaged it in a way. However, the accidental damaged is not covered by the manufacturer’s standard warranty. This is the part where TMT insure comes in. TMT Insure was introduced to cover what your devices warranty doesn’t. It covers accidental damage like cracked screens, liquid damage and also aesthetic damage.

TMT Insure is fast and easy to apply. Once you send your damaged devices back to TMT, we will process and submit the claim to the insurance company for you. The whole claim process will take 2 working days and once the claim is approved, we will repair your devices. You can get your devices get covered for as low as RM5.75 per month or as low as RM69.

TMT Insure is provided by Senang and Zurich.

What are you waiting for, get your device covered even your device warranty doesn’t with TMT Insure at your nearest TMT store.

In TMT, we not only provide you the best deals in town, we are also taking care of you after the product sold. TMT Care is one of our heart-warming services, we provide extended warranty beyond the manufacturer’s warranty,we provide personalised diagnostician, repairing and replacement for the products you purchased from TMT.

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