Super Charge Your Car Charging Experience

Many modern and new manufactured cars have built in USB port which compensate the trend and needs of the consumers in this era. The only problem is that the USB port included in cars, many of it only supports up to 1A charging power which is not sufficient for smartphones nowadays. Our smartphones require more power as it is getting more advance. A good USB Car Charger is the upgrade that we should be looking for when we are considering on-the-go charging solution.

Keep Our Devices Charged and Ready to Go

As we are constantly making sure our smartphone and other devices up and ready, so that we are not missing out important notification. Having to charge another device like power bank can be a hassle some times. That is why our cars can be the next charging solution that should come into our mind. In Malaysia, traffic jam can be hours and all these precious hours can be utilized to power up your smartphone and devices.

Fast Charging with PD Car Charger

Never let your location be your limitation. You are still able to enjoy PD charging even in your car by using a PD supported Car Charger. Not sure what is PD charging? You can learn more about PD Charging from our previous article.

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Energea AluDrive D18

Energea AluDrive D18 Car Charger is a dual port charger with an USB A port that outputs at 12W Max and an USB C port that supports 18W PD charging. When you charge two devices simultaneously the car charger will output 30W max.

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