TMT Member Privileges

TMT Membership FAQ

Membership Sign Up and Renewal
  1. Purchase RM 300 and above in TMT store and will be automatically become TMT member. 
  2. Pay RM 20 for TMT membership and get RM 20 TMT voucher in return.
  3. TMT Membership will be renewed automatically for every purchase of RM300 in a single receipt.
  4. Renew your TMT Membership for One (1) year with RM10.
Membership Benefits
  1. Welcome Gift – RM 20 Cash Voucher. 
  2. Birthday Gift – RM 50 Online Voucher.
  3. Points Redemption.
  4. Member’s Privileges.
  5. Technical Support.
  6. 1-to-1 Exchange up to 14 days 
  7. Members’ e-Newsletter

TMT Membership Terms and Conditions

TMT Membership
  1. TMT Membership will be referred as “Membership” and it is available at TMT Store, Thunder Store, Thunder Service Provider and TMT operated Asus Concept Store, HP Store, Huawei Experience Store, Lenovo Experience Store, Oppo Concept Store and Vivo Concept Store. 
  2. Membership is not applicable for TMT Online Store and Thunder Online Store. 
  3. TMT Membership is valid for One (1) year only. 
  4. TMT Membership is open for Individual Customer only. Any company or organization are NOT entitled to register TMT Membership. 
Welcome Gift - RM 20 Cash Voucher
  1. RM20 Cash Voucher only applicable for TMT Store, Thunder Store and TMT operated Concept Store only.
  2. Expiry date in one month from received date
  3. Voucher applicable for non-promotion items only
Birthday Gift - RM 50 Online Voucher
  1. Only applicable at TMT Online Store. 
  2. Minimum RM50 spend.
  3. Voucher is valid for one (1) month from the date of receive.
  4. Per email only able to redeem One (1) Birthday Month RM50 Online Voucher.
  5. Must be the same email registered for TMT Membership and TMT Online Store account.
  6. TMT reserves the right to cancel, terminate or not process your purchase if we found the purchase do not meet the criteria mention.
Points Redemption
  1. One Ringgit Malaysia (RM 1) is equal to One (1) point. 
  2. One thousand (1,000) point is equal to Three Ringgit Malaysia (RM 3). 
  3. Members’ point expiry date: within One (1) year. 
  4. Upon renewal, members’ point shall be carried forward. 
Members' Privileges
  1. Exclusive promotions specially for TMT members only 
  2. Limited to 1 unit per product per customer. 
Technical Support
  1. Diagnosis and Troubleshooting for PC or Laptop 
  2. Upgrade RAM (Memory) for PC or Laptop 
  3. Heatsink Fan Assembly on new PC 
  4. Data transfer (30GB) HDD/SSD 
  5. Modem or Router Basic Setup and Configuration Settings 
  6. PC Power Supply Replacement or Installation 
  7. Fan Cleaning & Thermal Paste Replacement for PC or Laptop 
  8. Data Storage Replacement or Upgrade (HDD/SSD/SSHD) 
  9. Basic PC Parts Assembly to New PC 
  10. Format PC or Laptop with Microsoft Windows (Pre-installed License Key)
  11. Upgrade, Installation and Assembly PC Parts from Existing PC to New PC 
  12. Upgrade and Installation of AIO Cooling or Liquid Cooling System for PC 
1-to-1 Exchange up to 14 days
  1. If the product you are purchasing show systems of a hardware failure upon its first use out of the box when you are still in our store, you have the right not to accept the item. Please let our store staff know that you wish to change to another unit or cancel your purchase. Once you have stepped out of our retail store, we will not be able to proceed with return for your item. 
  2. Please note that certain products such as: Projectors, Monitors, Software, Tablets, Smartphones, Apple Products, Branded Desktops, Notebooks, printers and Consumable (eg. Ink Cartridges or Toners). Fitness & Wearables, Gaming Consoles are not entitled for an 1-to-1 exchange and must be sent to the manufacturer’s Service Center for any warranty service. 
  3. eGift cards and top-up credits are not eligible for exchange or refund. 
  4. Working products found incompatible with Customer’s PC or Notebook will not be entitled for any exchange or refund. 
  5. 1-to-1 Exchange of Products period will be according to the invoice issued date.