Pikachu is Appearing at TMT Store


Have you heard? Pikachu is appearing at the TMT store nearest to you!

Razer has just released three new Pokémon licensed products that comes with Pikachu iconic yellow and black colour scheme. The products include a keyboard, mouse and true wireless earbuds. Can you resist the cuteness of Pikachu? Without any further a due, let’s have a closer look at each of the products that available.

Razer | Pokémon – Hammerhead True Wireless Pikachu Limited Edition

Can you believe you are able to hold a Pokéball in real life? Hammerhead True Wireless Pikachu Limited Edition comes with the iconic Pokéball case that contains the earbuds that comes with the yellow and black colour scheme.

Not just that, once you flip open the Pokéball and remove the earbuds from the magnetic holder, you will hear it say “Pikachu” as you put them in your ears. Aren’t that dream comes true. You are able to have Pikachu of your own that keep on saying “Pikachu” to you.

Just like the normal version of Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds, it is packed with seamless, high quality sound you are able to enjoy anywhere. The earbuds also have an extremely low 60ms input latency, which means you are able to enjoy your movie or gaming without any stutter. Hammerhead True Wireless Pikachu Limited Edition also comes with an IPX4 rating, where it is ideal for those with an active lifestyle. It also features custom-tuned 13mm dynamic drives that optimized to provide quality listening experience, pushing out crisp trebles and mid-range with deep, satisfying bass.

Razer | Pokémon – Ornata Pikachu Limited Edition

If True Wireless Earbuds is not enough to show your love for Pikachu, worry not, as Razer also launch Ornata Pikachu Limited Edition. This 104-key keyboard also comes with a magnet-detachable wrist rest for the comfort of typing long hours.

Razer claimed that Ornata’s mecha-membrane switches offer a soft touch with crisp tactile click. You will also find custom-designed Pokémon keycaps that makes the Pokémon elements much more apparent. Another small little touch is the yellow LED backlight that lets you see the keys in low light situations.

Razer | Pokémon – DeathAdder Essential & Goliathus Pikachu Limited Edition Bundle

If you wish to make your desktop setup a complete set, Razer got you cover too. You will be able to get the DeathAdder Essential mouse and Goliathus Pikachu Limited Edition Bundle. Razer replaced their iconic triple-head snake logo with a LED lit lightning bolt Pikachu tail. You will also find two additional function buttons on the left side that are programmable.

All three Pokémon themed products are available in TMT stores now.

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