Things to Do after Buying New Laptop

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You just got yourself a new laptop, what’s next?

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This portable device is a ticket for you to connect with the world full of potential and opportunity. A new laptop deserves a proper set up from assembling it to starting it up the right way. Setting up certain vital settings is important to get optimum performance from your new laptop. If you don’t, you will probably find yourself having to stop your work and load useless software that will drag your performance.

Don’t worry, we have listed some of the important things to do for your new laptop after buying down below.

1. Check the box

First things first, check the box after unboxing to make sure there is nothing important left inside. Something simple like warranty card or other important component could have been missed out. You should check the contents of your box to ensure everything that is supposedly included are taken out from the box and no missing or broken component. Otherwise, you can either pack it all up and return it to exchange a new set or contact the company or retailer to get the parts you need replaced. It is also important to know that safekeeping warranty and receipt is crucial for future convenience. 

2. Register for warranty

Some vendors required you to register new products online for warranty claims and other benefits on the laptop. You need to enter serial number of the laptop into the respective website. Next, make a confirmation and match the information shown on the site with your laptop. 

3. Remove bloatware

Bloatware is a promotion software that comes bundled with many laptop brands which are often useless to the user. This bloatware often comes in a windows-based system and is not found on Chromebook or a MacBook. You should remove or uninstalled them after purchasing a new laptop. You can easily remove them by control panel > Uninstall a program and have look on any suspicious or software not required by you then remove them by right-click the respective software.

4. Install Anti-Virus Software

Cyber-attacks are fairly common today. Staying unprotected may pose a risk to DoS, XSS, MitM and it is recommended for new user to install a security software to protect from harmful threats. Although laptop having Windows 8 onward has its own antivirus software provided by Microsoft, there are other Anti-Virus Software out there that run better with more protection and customization. As cyberattacks are always evolving, protecting your laptop should be a priority and should not be neglected. 

5. Install Useful App and Tools

After your laptop is protected, you can now start to search for useful software that would help increase your productivity. We have a list of software here that we believe you might need it, but there isn’t a set of lists that is compulsory to install on your computer as it depends on your working style and purpose of using it. The basic things that you might need include Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, internet browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (some extra options other than Microsoft Edge)

6. Power and sleep settings

You can edit and control the way your laptop consumes power through the following settings.

  • Power button. You can set what happens when you press the power-button. You can set your laptop to sleep, hibernate, shutdown, turn off the display or do nothing.
  • Close Lid. Similarly, you can set hibernate, sleep, turn off display or do nothing when you close your laptop lid.
  • Sleep button. For this button, you can set it as the same as power button except you can’t run shut down action.  

For the above 3 functions you can have 2 same or different actions to perform when you are on battery or plugged-in mode. You can find these settings through control panel > System and Security > Power Options.

7. Buy supporting accessories

Some of the users might not feel comfortable with the touch pad and keyboard of their new laptop. Hence to improve usage experience, there are also various types of keyboard and mouse in the market with each has their own specific features, based on your own preference. You can check it out at our online store.

It is good to take some time and install or adjust the settings first so that you don’t have to do it afterwards, although you can just use your new laptop right after you bought it.

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