Microsoft Surface Go is finally here!

Surface Go – What’s Up!

Following the launch of the new Microsoft Surface Go, it has gained much hype regarding the thus far cheapest entry of Microsoft Surface family’s line up of hardware. Here is the 21st century concern: it is virtually impossible to leave work at home (even if you’re not going to work). Similarly, it is also impossible to use a laptop in a typical economy airline seat or on the train ride home.


Surface + Go?

Promoted as the fun-lifestyle tablet,Jason Ward’s analysis of the Surface Go, explained the name as:

“Go,” is a term that communicates a fun, not-all-business device. “Surface” conveys the familiar quality PC category capable of getting down to business when needed. “Surface Go” communicates a powerful ultra-portable device that goes everywhere with a user for everything he does. The name is also catchy and easy to say and remember. Combined with Microsoft’s marketing for leisure activities, like watching movies, listening to music, taking pictures and web-surfing, it potentially has the feel-good and productivity ingredients to generate the mass consumer appeal that makes products cool.



Un-boxing the packaging and taken out, the Surface Go will run Windows 10 in “S mode,”. This means it will only be able to run apps that come factory installed or are downloaded from Microsoft’s Windows Store. But fred not, it also comes with a free and easy upgrade to the standard-issue Windows 10 Home edition that runs fully fledged desktop apps!

The latest Microsoft Go features a 10-inch screen. With its Intel Pentium Gold processor, can handle basic browser-based workloads such as word processing and content management as well as the suite of Office 365 apps with ease. Users could even run several tabs-worth of projects and websites and media players with 8GB of RAM in the higher end model. That said, the Surface Go is great for light workloads!

It remains to be seen if the affordable Surface-branded Windows 10 will beat Apple in the tablet market and out-innovate the iPad design. While the Surface Go runs on processor that is less powerful than the Pro, it is definitely hard to say just how the desktop-like Go experience will be.

The Surface Go has a built-in kickstand which is durable and useful.The Go will also be lighter, at 1.15 pounds, than the Surface Pro, which comes in at 1.7 pounds.

Microsoft promises up to 9 hours of continuous use from the Surface Go. The Windows 10 Home somehow, is found to last longer in battery life compared to S Mode.

Artists, if you’re looking for a fairly affordable tool for digital drawing, the Surface Go looks like a viable option.


For You, For Me, For Us!

Another thing Microsoft has crammed in is far more welcome. The Surface Go is using the same hinge Microsoft introduced with the Surface Pro. What that means is you should have a device with the sturdiest 2-in-1 hinge in the game. This tablet is for anyone who does most of their work in a web browser. With just few single-purpose apps on the side; anyone who is not always attached to their own desk and seeks convenience; and anyone who wants top quality tablet design with affordable price will more than likely love the Surface Go.


Wait No More!

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