Manufacturer Warranty

Some of the goods advertised on this website come with a manufacturer’s warranty. You should contact the manufacturer directly for details relating to the available manufacturer’s warranty (if any).

Many of our products come with a guarantee or warranty from the manufacturer. By approaching brand’s authorized service center, the warranty process can be expedited.


Warranty Policy

  1. All sales are considered final and no refund will be entitled.
  2. TMT’s warranty policy is in accordance with the terms and conditions of its respective suppliers.
  3. TMT DO NOT provide the warranty, warranty is provided by manufacturer/supplier/principals.
  4. TMT will assist on sending to (and from) manufacturer’s Service Center based on supplier or principal’s given period – 3 or 6 months, 1 year or more than 1 year.
  5. To claim warranty, customer needs to send the product to any of TMT retail outlets at customer own cost. The return of the repaired product to customer will also be at customer own cost. Customer may choose to send and pick-up repaired product at TMT outlets to avoid delivery fees.
  6. Physical damage and software issues are not covered under warranty.
  7. Product Warranty period will be according to the invoice issued date.
  8. Customer is required to bring along the invoice for verification purposes. By visiting our outlets directly will be faster and easier as our store staff will be able to test the product on the spot. Our outlets location:
  9. For manufacturers on-site warranty, customer needs to contact respective brand service center.


Apple Products Warranty Policy

  1. The warranty only applicable to Apple Products sold by our group of companies in Malaysia only.
  2. If the Apple Products you are purchasing show symptoms of a hardware failure upon its first use out of the box when you are still in our store, you have the right not to accept the item. Please let our store staff know that you wish to change to another unit or cancel your purchase. Once you have stepped out of our retail store, we will not be able to proceed with return for your item.
  3. Once you stepped out of our retail store, any hardware failure will proceed with warranty claim process at our Thunder Service Provider. Our Thunder Service Provider location:
  4. Physical damage and software issues are not covered under warranty.


*We reserve the rights not to proceed with the warranty policy if we suspect there are any incident of fraud. We reserve the rights to change the terms and conditions anytime without any further notice.