Benefits of Laptop – Why you should buy it over desktop?

Laptop is a computer that is small enough to be carried around easily and is flat when closed. It contains almost the same components as a desktop computer such as display, keyboard, mouse (Touch Pad) and speakers. Thus, it is sometimes hard for one to decide whether which type of device are the best to buy. Today, laptops can be used for various purposes. However, when it comes to making a choice between laptop, desktop and tablet, the main factors to discuss are the portability versus functionality. Below are some of the reasons why you should buy a laptop over other devices for whatever your purposes are.


This refer to the ability to move the laptop around freely and easily. Laptop is built to be portable which you can’t do it with desktop, or you can, but desktop is heavy and there will be a lot of accessories you have to bring along with you such as the keyboard, mouse, and speakers. Small business owner or freelancer need this feature which they can monitor their business and work anywhere they want such as Starbucks, McDonald’s or even their client’s office. Being able to work at anywhere and anytime is one of the factors that contribute to business success.


Since keyboard and touch pad is built on the laptop, it used up smaller space as compared to desktop. This is important especially for those who having a small desk or table. Thus, it can fit in or place at anywhere easily. Thus, you can keep aside easily when you need extra space from your desk because of its small size.

Battery Life and Power Consumption

Portability of a laptop come with a price, you can’t work forever without finding a power socket to charge it at some point, but some high-end laptop such as Microsoft Surface Book 2 provide a long battery life up to 17 hours and Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch provide up to 10 hours of battery life. However, battery life will vary depending on how you use it throughout the day. A long battery life allows you to worry less on finding power socket when you’re working outdoors. It consumes less power as compared to desktop due to the contain of lesser components. Typical laptop normally uses around 60 watts while desktop would use an average of 150 watts. Thus, the use of laptop over desktop will lead to energy saving.


With a portable laptop, you will no longer need to sit in a fixed room to complete your work, you can move your it near to TV so that you can complete your work while still being able to catch up some favorite television series. It provides us this multitasking power, which is one of the things that everyone in this generation needs as time is valuable.

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