PAYDAY SALES: 2 Days left to grab these crazy deals!

It’s Pay Day Special Day!! Everybody loves pay day am i right? I mean who doesn’t right? For this month’s payday, we got you covered with our special deal on various juicy IT gears! Don’t believe? Let us tease you!

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS 42mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band 

RM1,379.00 RM1,238.00 NOW

If you’re looking for speed (other than the new Apple Watch Series 4), this watch should definitely be top in the list. With the  S2 dual-core processor, you can definitely feel the upgrade from its predecessor as its 70 percent faster with dual-core S3 chip nestled inside of the Apple Watch Series 3. There’s also a new chip resides within this watch as it claims to be 85% faster Wi Fi performance, with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi being 50% more energy efficient!

The biggest new feature of the Apple Watch Series 3 is speed. As improved as the Apple Watch Series 2 was with its, it can feel downright pedestrian next to the 70 percent faster . There’s also a new custom-designed wireless chip that Apple calls the W2. The W2 combines both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios, and affords 85% faster Wi-Fi performance, with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi being 50% more power efficient. Plus, don’t forget all the awesome apps such as health tracker, receiving calls, emails and messages – all at the tip of your fingers!

JBL Over Ear Headband – Wireless Bluetooth

RM759.00 RM529.00 NOW

When it comes to JBL, no doubt sound quality comes in our mind! With the wide selection of colors – pair with its remarkable noise canceling feature, you won’t want to leave this out if you’re into quality sound! Plus, this headphone also comes with self-calibrating feature, providing you the you the best listening experience based on your ears, position, and shape – and its wireless too! 

Sony SRS XB30

RM549.00 RM299.00 NOW

Sound quality – Obviously, when talking about speakers – the sound quality is most important feature. Fortunately, the Sony XB30 certainly does not disappoint. The Highs and mids come through clear and powerful, damn kick if you ask us. If that’s not enough for you, you can punch the “Extra Bass” button for an ultra-enhanced bass effect that will blow your face away. Yes it is that kaw we are not even kidding!

Other than that, there is an outer ring that surrounds the speaker on the front that jumps from different colors and two white LED “strobe” lights on either side to bring out the party feels. You can set the lights to dance with the music, set a more calming lighting effect or turn off the lights completely by using the SongPal app.

Honestly, the lights really helps in setting up the right mood for few occasion. Besides that, it also comes with speaker support, Bluetooth, Aux, a USB port to charge your phone, and lastly, it supports Siri too! How crazy is that to pack all these feature in such a small device! 

There you go! Not convinced? Head over to our full Pay Day Special Deal list to find out more awesome and gila price!

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