Honor 10 Lite Announced! Will Be Up In Our Shelves Soon!

Who Says Affordable Phone Can’t Be Powerful


As we know that the Honor 10 Lite is not running anything close to stock Android thanks to the EMUI 9.0 skin, it still offers a variety options to customize your phone’s software to your preferences. You may find similar looking to the other, more costly handsets from the brand, the design of the Honor 10 Lite is pretty  impressive given the features and power that packs with it.



A Candy to Your Eyes 

Now let’s take a look at the phone. On the read side of the phone gives off the same “aurora” effect that can be found in most of the Honor and Huawei shell, with a gradient of shining shimmering color that we see in light. It really does gives off a high-end Honor or Huawei handset look and feel to it.

Easy & Accessible

The fingerprint-id scanner on the rear is easy to reach,  placed as it is in the middle of the phone, and the ridged edges are easily noted when extending a digit. Other than that, there are 2 cameras which provide 13MP, auto aperture, handheld at night also gives out AI-powered image stabilization which is an awfully useful feature to capture pictures at very low light.

Almost Perfect 

At the the bottom side of the phone you can find a single speaker firing downwards, a micro-USB connection and a headphone jack – Good Gracious!

On the front side, the screen is big and bright that Honor has decided against a QHD screen, instead opting for a Full HD display instead. It’s got the longer display, in a 19:9 format, and it’s packing in 2230 x 1080 pixels., and the processor is fast enough to handle most of what you’ll throw at it on a daily basis. The screen extension to the edges of the display and the notchless panel may be a plus point and attract few more users – Rather it place a small door hole that holds the front-facing camera.

Once again, the battery life contains a 3,400mAh battery pack in there, can last up to a day or 2 with the all new battery feature that limits program running in the background.

As mentioned, the Honor 10 Lite is using the mid-rang octa-core Kirin 710 CPU, which is good enough to run any modern programs decently at a reasonable frame rates – also combined with either 4GB or 6GB of RAM, alongside 64GB or 128GB of internal storage of your liking.

The Finishing Touch

Overall the feel of the Honor 10 Lite in the hand give out a higher premium look to it than you might expect for the cost, with the curved edges rub nicely in the palm. This is a phone that definitely packs all the necessity of a modern phone in a compact and solid build of a phone. At the end, the Honor 10 Lite manage to dish out decent battery life, a smart camera and a slick design without breaking the bank.

Stay tune to find out more about the price (Estimated RM700-RM799) and the release date to our TMT shopping shelves!

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Written by Zachary Chuah

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