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🛒 TMT Factory Outlet Special Clearance 🛒
Date: 7 Feb – 9 Feb 2020
Venue: TMT Store @ The Mines Shopping Mall

Top Reasons Why This Wireless Earbuds Will Rock Your Ears!

The Indy’s overall design definitely takes cues from the latest AirPods, but the buds themselves look a bit more like normal earbuds and less like Apple’s take on the accessory. Of course, Skullcandy wasn’t shy about adding the stick-like section that extends out from the bottom of each one. The company also installed a removable fin-like “stability gel” to help everything stay in place. The Indy is also IP55 rated for sweat, water and dirt resistance, so you should have no problem taking these to the gym or on a run.

Image result for jogging gif

See! No more flapping wires while you’re running!

Skullcandy says you can expect up to four hours of battery life on the buds alone, with the included charging case packing enough power for three additional charges (16 hours total). Weww! You can now go for a jungle trip without worrying about your battery life at full charged.

Image result for jungle gif

Situation like this wouldn’t be a problem too! The earbuds are guaranteed to hold at place in your ears and do not forget – they’re IP55 water resistance!

Like the case that comes with the AirPods, Skullycandy opted for a flip-top design, complete with charging indicators on the outside. There are also touch controls for taking calls, changing tracks and adjusting volume by touching the rear of the buds! Trust us, it looks pretty cool while doing it! Speaking of calls, there’s a built-in microphone that will help you with those.

Related image

Skullcandy offers some solid headphone options if you’re on a tight budget, and the Indy is yet another product that could satisfy you with your wallet. The RM328 true wireless earbuds are available today at! If you aren’t fond of the Indy’s design, Skullcandy also has the more common looking Push true wireless earbuds. And right now, they’re selling like hot cakes! Visit Skullcandy for more!

The Raya festive season is around the corner! Are you well-equip before balik kampung?!


Raya is just around the corner! And you know what that means?!

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*Terms & Condition apply

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SanDisk Canon TP-Link Logitech Sonic Gear

Game On Campaign – A Gaming & E-Sport Event

es! Calling out all MLBB and PUBG players out there!
Think you could survive the battle royale and win the ultimate prize?
Been wanting to test your skill limit after hitting that Mythical Rank in MLBB?

Now is your time gamers!
2019’s BIGGEST E-sport and gaming event is dropping in hot and you’re invited to join us to witness the greatest pro-gaming scene in Kuala Lumpur!

Head over to (TMT) Game On Event, 2019 BIGGEST GAMER’S EVENT to experience the Malaysia E-sport and gaming community scene like never before! See it to believe – and we have lot’s of merchandise and activities prepared for you game lovers! If you’re a gaming fan you don’t want to sit this one out!

Catch the GAME ON ROADSHOW STARTING 18th to 24th March! Held at Mid Valley Megamall, Centre Court Ground Floor.
This event includes:

⚔️ On-ground activities and user experience
⚔️ PUBG and Mobile Legend Tournaments
⚔️ Lot’s of exlusive gaming merchandise to be grabbed at super discounted price!

TMT will be having TMT Game On Challenge on 23rd & 24th March 2019. Come and join us at Mid Valley Ground Floor Concourse! See you guys there!

Image may contain: one or more people and text

Greetings fellow gamers! TMT will be having TMT Game On Challenge on 23rd & 24th March 2019. Come and join us at Mid Valley Ground Floor Concourse! See you there!

PUBG Tournament Details –
Date: 23rd MAR 2019
Time: 11.00am – 8.00pm
Mode : Solo FPP
Tournament Format : Single Elimination

Prizepool :
Champion – RM3000 cash prize + RM2000 products
1st Runner Up – RM1500 cash prize + RM1500 products
2nd Runner Up – RM1000 cash prize + RM1000 products

Rules and Regulation –

Registration Link –

*Email will be sent to participants who successfully registered.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, textGreetings fellow gamers! TMT will be having TMT Game On Challenge on 23rd & 24th March 2019. Come and join us at Mid Valley Ground Floor Concourse! See you there!

TMT Mobile Legends Bang Bang Challenge
Date: 24th MAR 2019
Time: 11.00am – 8.00pm
Mode : 5v5 Draft Pick
Tournament Format : Single Elimination Bo1 , Semi Final + Grand Final Bo3

Prizepool :
Champion – RM3000 cash prize + RM2000 products
1st Runner Up – RM1500 cash prize + RM1500 products
2nd Runner Up – RM1000 cash prize + RM1000 products

Rules & Regulation :

Registration Link :

*Confirmation email will be sent to players who sucessfully registered.


Been wanting to meet your gaming influencers?

We got you! We have invited several icons you may know or already a big fan of!



Other than that, we also have popular influencers from the local gaming scene!

It includes:

Influencers’ meet and greet, as they conduct reality show on event stage to talk about streaming, casting and the gaming career joruney. There will also be talk shows – interviewing streamers and content creator. Another session would be about video production as how you could start your streaming career and how do the set up. Lastly, there will also be live casting with MLBB and PUBG influencers.


What are you guys waiting for?! Jot that date! The fulltime line is below!

This event is sponsor by:



6 Reason why you should switch to modern PC

Related image

What is Modern PC?

As we know, evolution is a natural phenomenal where we live in a world which constantly adapting and discovering. It is something that cannot be denied – not in nature and certainly not in technology. Back in the days, computers simply can’t compare to those we see in stores today.

The Modern PC is defined as lightweight, slick design, durability and faster! It’s a machine that helps and ensure you’re able to work efficiently, whether for business or home use. In every way, from form to function and all the innovations in between. Modern PCs are packed with the power and ability to keep up with any of your demanding tasks and deadlines.

So let us tell you why you should totally visit a Modern PC roadshow:

Modern PCs are feather-light, thin and light

Today, most premium consumer notebooks fall into the thin-and-light category, with products like Acer Swift 5 line emphasizing a thin, svelte form factors. Compare that to something like those bulky laptops, it’s usually over 4.5 pounds and an inch thick!

2-in-1 tablets offer another option, where you can get the machine’s weight below 2 pounds by removing the optional keyboard. In fact, the Microsoft Surface Pro comes in at less than 2 pounds. A lightweight machine that packs all the functions fitting for executive lifestyle!

Related image

Modern PCs are built for security

One of the motivations to buy a modern PC is that security and malware threat continues to evolve over time vice versa. Microsoft continues to iterate Windows 10, applying patches to defeat the ever-evolving attacks by bad guys. Malware is particularly troublesome, attacking your files and folders, and “locking” them via encryption until you pay a ransom to make them usable again (IT DOES HAPPEN and IT MAY ALSO HAPPEN TO YOU!). Windows 10 includes a feature called “controlled folder access” to limit access to your documents and photos, and it allows you to recover data from OneDrive in case “virus” gets by your PC’s defenses.

Modern PCs’ battery can last all day

Yes, it may sound like a hyperbole when we claimed that modern PCs’ battery life can last a whole day – wait till’ you get a chance to experience a laptop which runs out of juice all the time. That’s where a modern PC comes into play!

Batteries in older laptops are not efficient as those in the new ones. What’s worse? It diminishes the lifespan over time! Why limit your work span within a battery’s life where there are plenty of modern PCs with best battery tech available?

Other than that, all the latest processors and chipsets found within modern PCs are designed and engineered to optimize power consumption, both in their architecture and process technology.

Related image

Modern PCs have fast startup due to SSD

We face slow start up time, slow processors, fragile hard drives and comprehensive shutdown/startup procedure all the time! You may as well grab a cup of coffee while your PC boots. Well lucky you, modern PC use a technique called Fast Startup, which wakes your PC from a deep-sleep mode in matter of seconds. That being said, modern PC “hibernates” instead of entirely shutting down.

Now you can resume or stop your work or presentation at anytime without worrying ’bout slow start-up time – especially when you’re rushing or attending an important meeting!

Modern PCs use your face as password

Instead of typing the password whenever you try to log in your PC for ID authentication, modern PCs use either a “depth camera” built into the front of your notebook or tablet, or a fingerprint reader that scans your fingerprint like many smartphones do. HOW COOL IS THAT! 


Image result for hp modern pc

Modern PCs have great accessibility

Accessibility is as important when it boils down into comfort usage. You might be able to get by without a mouse or keyboard to navigate around – but face it, most Modern PCs usually let you ink with a pen, and interact via touch, voice commands, and even eye tracking! They do really come in handy in many situation in life especially at workplace or your own workbench!

Eager to enjoy the beauty of Modern PC?

Then you should definitely head over to Modern PC Roadshow Mid Valley! Suitable if you’re looking for any type of business laptop to fit on your workbench, or on the go!


🎁 We are also giving away Microsoft Office to any laptop purchases. You will not want to miss out this opportunity to steal away these goodies!

📍 Head over to Mid Valley Megamall, East Entrance Atrium from 4 -10 March 2019.

‼️ See More Promo >
*Terms & Conditions apply. While stocks last.

Stand A Chance To Win A Ticket To IEM Sydney 2019

Are you guys ready for the biggest 2019 E-sport tour? That’s right, it’s the annual IEM Sydney 2019. Intel® Extreme Masters is returning to Sydney, Australia for the third year in a row! Across three action packed days from May 3rd to 5th, a nation unites as the best fans join forces with the best teams to experience the #1 CS:GO tournament live in Australia. There will be sixteen team lineup of the world’s finest battle it out for a chance to play in a three day arena show for the region’s largest prize pool of USD $250,000.

What if i tell you that, you can stand a chance to watch IEM for free? Follow theses few easy steps to participate!

  1. Purchase ANY Eligible Model during the period from 1st March 2019 to 31 March at any TMT by Thundermatch retail store to participate. (All 8th Gen and above PCs are eligibile)
  2. Participant MUST Like tmt by Thundermatch Facebook page to join.
  3. Participant needs to upload the photo of the product purchased to @TMT Facebook, hashtag #TMTIEMSYDNEY #IEMSYDNEY in the caption.
  4. Scan the QR code displayed on the poster to submit the participant via our Google form.
  5. Fill up all the details needed (Name, IC, Contact, Email, Sales Person ID & Invoice No.)
  6. Ensure to submit the form to secure your participation.

Here’s the link to our retail store

For more info, you can visit our Facebook or website at


Shopee Super Brand Day

It’s Shopee Super Brand Day!

That’s right, you know what’s coming – Slash prices here and there!! We are also letting go high-end gadgets in raffle style! Read further to understand better!

First of all, we are doing a crazy giveaway. All you gotto do is spend RM1 on a raffle ticket and stand a chance to win 10 different high-valued products which rotate daily! Pssst the GRAND PRICE IS an iPhone XS MAX worth RM 5699!! YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS OUT! Day 1’s raffle ticket has already been sold out!! Crazy right? Click here to find out more!

The winners of the day will be announced everyday on 12 noon from 18th to 21st Feb. All the participants are able to collect the reward from TMT by Thundermatch official outlets!

Sooooo…you may ask..what if i don’t get to win the big prizes from the raffle? ‘Fraid not we got your back – you’ll at least get 1 of the 3 tiers of shopping voucher (RM8, RM50, RM150) from the raffle game! Your gain is practically our privilege. Click here to find out more!

Finally, we are also having shocking deal at the meantime for all the big brands in our stores for yer tech-lovers to grab! The products are lowest price guaranteed PLUS! Discount up to 10% on top of it! (And yes you may use the shopping vouchers here!!)

To find out more, visit us at


Behind the Scenes of A Digital Transformation

More brands are looking to jump on the e-commerce bandwagon to capitalize on its growth and acquire new customers, and one brand shares their tumultuous journey before they could get to where they are today.

Thunder Match Technology Sdn Bhd (TMT) launched its official store on Shopee in 2018 as part of its digital transformation plan and long-term strategy to solidify its position as Malaysia’s largest IT and Mobile Chain Store both the online and offline. In was in September that year that they rolled out their biggest and most aggressive online push, during the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day, which saw their e-commerce sales multiple by 10 folds, generating over RM1 million in revenue in the span of a week. However, the sudden surge in sales served as an eye-opener that selling online isn’t merely about listing up products, providing discounts and trading.

Transforming a 22-year-old company into a digital one while creating and sustaining value to its online and offline markets was no easy task as TMT Founder; Managing Director, Adrian Yu shared, “From a pioneer of an IT and Mobile Chain Store in Malaysia whose business is built largely around brick and mortar to becoming the first shop-in-shop (SIS) Brand Store on Shopee Mall, I must say the journey was not easy. The struggle was particularly real when we watched in dismay how online is growing so rapidly, but we did not know how to be a part of the wave. So, the first hurdle to overcome was to look at our two-decade long legacy and acknowledge that we needed a shift in mindset before we could transform our business operations to efficiently deliver better value and service to our customers.”

Challenging stereotypes 

One of the key prevailing concerns was how would its retail stores maintain its competitive edge with the surge of e-commerce. Customers would frequently walk into stores, compare prices and proceed to buy online. There were also occasions where customers demanded for the online price of a product at a store,going so far as to show the prices of its products listed on Shopee. Explaining that such issues have created a common misconception that online and offline stores would compete with each other.

Seeing the challenge as an opportunity, TMT undertook the omnichannel approach for its branding, marketing and pricing efforts. Priding itself in always prioritizing customer experience and satisfaction, TMT successfully created a seamless ecosystem combining its offline and online. “We are exploring different Online to Offline (O2O) models that are integrated even in our marketing initiatives. For example, we are currently exploring a click and collect model where customers can order an item online and collect it from our retail store. By providing such a service, we create a better customer experience across multiple touchpoints,” added Adrian.

Operational revamp for operational readiness

The rise in popularity of e-commerce necessitates operational enhancements in how traditional retailers conduct all aspects of business. A prime example would be how TMT who had nine fulfillment centers across the country did not even have the necessary resources and space to cater to online sales. This was evident during the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day. Their centers were put to the test and while a majority of orders made their way to its customers, TMT suffered late shipment and in few cases cancellations.

Instead of calling it quits, they relooked all of their existing systems and processes for warehousing and fulfillment capabilities before investing in upgrading their warehousing systems and processes with the latest technology.

Trusting the experts

TMT then streamlined their nine fulfillment hubs to three and equipped it with dedicated resources, including a 10-man team with in-depth e-commerce technical expertise. They did all these with the help of a Malaysian founded multidisciplinary consultancy firm, CAP that provides business transformation solutions to retailers like TMT who seek to thrive in the highly digital world of today.

Adrian said that the “Shopee 9.9 Shopping Day last year was a very steep learning curve for us. The actual results were way beyond our plans and projections. From a sales standpoint, the campaign was extremely successful, but we finally understood that it was more than just our mindset that we needed to change if we wanted to win the e-commerce game. In hindsight, we are proud to have made the decision to go digital, as it has not only benefited us in profit but made us optimize our business.”

In honour of its success, TMT will be taking over Shopee on the 20 February for its Super Brand Day. As part of TMT’s Super Brand Day, Shopee will be introducing a raffle draw for the first time ever. Running from 17 to 20 February and at just RM1 per raffle ticket, shoppers stand a chance to win up to RM30,000 worth of prizes such as the Playstation 4 PRO, iPhone XS Max, gaming peripherals by HyperX and Razer and more. The raffle tickets also double as an RM18 Shopee voucher to be used on the TMT official store.

TMT will also be providing a lowest price guarantee on over 1,000 laptops, mobiles phones and other electronics products in addition to the RM300,000 worth of vouchers they are giving out. Furthermore, those familiar with Shopee’s Shocking Sale will be psyched to learn about the Shopee Super Shocking Sale which will feature a further markdown on top of the Shocking Sale prices. Limited quantities available.

For more info, visit us on

Sony Valentine’s Day Special Deal

Happy Valentine’s Day to you lovebirds out there!

Today is the day, the day where boys show their affectionate and appreciation to the person they care or love whereas girls receive red roses from their potential/con-current partner! Currently, we are having a Valentine’s Day Special Event at Mid Valley East Atrium by your most trusted brand, Sony! The drill is – purchase any items from the promotional list given and you’ll receive red rose from us! Know that this will only apply for the first 50 customers who purchase from us!

Locate us at Mid Valley East Atrium (East Entrance) today and grab these goodies for your other half!

For more info, visit us at



Top 5 CNY Gadgets You Should Totally Get

TMT CNY Sales is Finally Here!

One of the biggest festive of the year is right around the corner. We can never deny a good promotion as we Malaysian loves discounted goodies! Let the shopping spree commence!

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 – Black 

RM1,699.00 RM1,588.00

Comes with ultra smooth 1.8GHz CPU Speed. This lightweight 534g portable tablet can play up to 15 hours video playback time – That’s how powerful and energy sufficient this tablet packs (7300mAh Standard Battery Cap). Edgy 10’5 inch display is enough to show off your new gadget during CNY gatherings! 

2. Apple iPad Pro 10.5″ 64GB Wifi 

RM2,849.00 RM2,688.00

Everybody’s favorite tablet. The Apple iPad Pro 10’5 inch is the best selling tablet in the market and it has its own reason. Powerful, light, slick display (120Hz with True Tone feature) and 12mp camera at your fingertips. Comes with multiple colors: Space Gray, Rose Gold, Gold, Silver (we heard rose gold is the best seller!)

3. Sandisk Cruzer 80 Extreme USB

RM145.00 RM68

Always on the go and rushing but what’s stopping you being on schedule is that slow-moving, file-transfer USB drive? We got you my geeky friends! The Sandisk Cruzer 80 Extreme USB able to transfer large photos, videos or other files up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0. This bad boy features a super-fast transfer speeds (up to 190 MB/sec) and it’s also USB 3.0 enabled (USB 2.0 compatible. Other than that, no more annoying warning pop-outs as it has secure file encryption and password protection with included SanDisk SecureAccess software. 

4. GoPro HERO7 Black

The all new GoPro Hero 7 Black is packs with 12MP camera and mutliple video capture mode available: 4K60 / 2.7K120 / 1440p120 / 1080p240 and more. It is also waterproof so going on an adventure to water parks shouldn’t leave this bad boy out. What’s best is that it has built in WiFi and Bluetooth feature allows you to sync and 1 to 1 copy files from camera to phone vice versa. Not to forget its HyperSmooth Stabiliazation feature is pretty impressive given you’re into action and adventure lifestyle!

RM1,869.00 RM1,688.00

5. ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX570 OC Edition (ROG-STRIX-RX570-O4G-GAMING)

RM1,489.00 RM788.00

Let me tell you! Grab this now because it’s currently under sales price as low as 50%! The Graphics Engine AMD Radeon RX 570 can run most of the modern games today such as Resident Evil 2 and Doom without struggle. Packed with Video Memory GDDR5 4GB, Memory Clock 7000 MHz and Memory Interface 256-bit – never again you’ll need to worry about whether your desktop can run this or that!

Currently, we are having TMT CNY Sales – The Really Extravagant Deal!

Btw, we are also having CNY Exclusive Gift Bundle with mysterious items in it for you to uncover! Don’t hesitate now, drop by a visit here!

For more info head over to