Aliens are invading earth? Here’s a first look at it!

Armageddon speaker

Robot aliens taking over the world? You bet it is! This crazy looking robot is not what you think it is. Could you guess it? An AI-robot to work for you? Nah… but it’s close enough! This sci-fi cool-looking spidey robot is actually a portable bluetooth speaker! Looking like something beamed in from a distant galaxy – a reconnaissance robot dispatched by an advanced civilisation to explore (and possibly conquer) the universe – fortunately for us earthlings the Armaggeddon Gravastar comes in peace. All it wants to do is rock out with us, at volume, and make our homes a little less staid. GravaStar is more than just another Bluetooth speaker. The aliens have reinvented how speakers are designed: tight, metal shell and sleek angles with built-in psychedelic lights, inspired by futuristic science fiction movies and games.

(Pre-Order Special)

Armaggeddon GravaStar Bluetooth Portable Speakers (30 Hours Playback Time) 

Deep Bass (ETA 22 July 19)

The alien-looking robot speakers invades earth in the month of July! Be sure to get on it’s good side!

For only RM699.00, You can get your hands-on with the all-new Armaggeddon GravaStar Speakers. Below are the specs for this bad boy. 

  • *Built-in powerful Kalimba DSP to enhance and ensure high fidelity wide sonic range superb-dynamic reproductions
  • *Extremely high compatibility
  • *80MHz RISC CPU and 80MHz Qualcomm
  • *Fully qualified single~chip dual mode Bluetooth V5.0 system
  • *Multi-audio format decoding : SBC , AAC
  • *Support True-Wireless Mode, Renders Real Stereo Sound Stages
  • *Support Full Broadcasting Mode, Renders Real Stereo Sound Stages
  • *Support Full Broadcasting Mode,Enables Up To Hundreds Of Unit Play Music Simultaneously

Gahhhh!! You can now scare your neighborhood with this Alien looking robot in your garden; pair with the Alien theme song, you could totally make a scene out from it. The quality of materials, components and construction bodes well for a long and happy life and the design is always a talking point. Much more than just a pretty (unusual) face, Armaggeddon Gravastar is a stellar speaker that delivers on all fronts. From design, built and sound quality – This alien attack is a benign invasion.

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